Northern 2019 regional outlook

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Northern 2019 regional outlook

So 2018 was a year of uncertainty regarding Brexit but there's a big resilience I think from northern firms. We recently sponsored the Fast-Track 100 report. I'm delighted to say that 16 businesses from the north were part of that report, but also traditional industry is still making its mark.

Recently the Sir David Attenborough Boat in the Cammell Laird shipyard was launched, so a good traditional industry there, and the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Sheffield continues to go from strength to strength.


I think the challenges that our clients face for 2019 fall under three main categories:

Number one, access to skills.

Number two, the ongoing uncertainty regarding Brexit.

And number three, how we bring this concept of the Northern Powerhouse to a reality.

To help and support our clients with their issues on bringing skills into their business we have our Connect to Work scheme and our Life Skills program.

Regarding Brexit all of the relationship directors in Barclays our industry aligned which means which means you can get a real deep understanding of the clients businesses and then talk to them about solutions, be that trade finance or financial solutions regarding their FX.

Opportunity: Northern Powerhouse

I'm delighted to say that we work closely with the government and with the Northern Powerhouse partnership to help bring this concept to reality. Just one example is that this year we've launched the Northern Powerhouse fund a 500 million pound new fund to help grow businesses in the area.

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