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International Corporates

Video Transcript

2018 was marked by three highlights of the business.

First and foremost our investment in the European cash management platform has helped transform
our business in Europe and helped some of our global clients to pursue their European cash banking needs.

In light of the Brexit uncertainties the second highlight was the corridor connectivity.

We pride ourselves at Barclays as being a transatlantic bank.

We helped a number of US corporations do their banking businesses in Europe as well as UK.

The third point was the Corporate Bank, Investment Bank and Barclaycard working together as One Barclays to benefit our customers.

We have had a number of unique market transactions in the industrial, energy and media sectors, where collaboratively the One Barclays approach has been adopted to help client situation.

I do believe that 2019 will continue to see challenges we have seen in the second half of 2018.

We will have Brexit uncertainty, the global trade wars and geopolitics dominate.

I see some of the multinational clients focusing on centralising their treasury activities as also looking for solutions as the uncertainty clears.

I expect multinational clients to centralise their treasury activities as also look for solutions to optimise their working capital cycles.

Our European cash management platform will have three more countries added during 2019 and I do believe will become a reckoning force in 2019 for European banking needs.

The second aspect of our strategy is to work collaboratively and continue the One Barclays approach which will add value and give a single face of Barclays to the clients.

The third aspect is the formation of the regional treasury centre group which will cater to our global clients and ensure that they have an enhanced client experience irrespective of the region and country they are dealing with.

If I were to sum up 2019 I believe it will be full of challenges and change for our clients I do believe we have stepped up to the challenge of supporting our clients and being a trusted banking partner.

End transcript

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