Video transcript

The insurance sector is evolving

And you need a partner that can move with your changing needs.

You need, a major capital provider to the industry

That can provide you with complex solutions,

Industry expertise that you can rely on, and a coordinated product suite.

With a long standing history in insurance as well as an eye on the future

You need an unrivalled payments proposition:

  • FPS
  • SEPA
  • International Payments
  • Inter-account transfers
  • BACS
  • TARGET 2
  • Mobile collections and disbursements via PayM
  • Real Time Credit
  • Remote Cheque Imaging

with a proprietary gateway, helping you with deep analytics, everyday control, regulatory compliance, and new ways to pay:

  • PayPal,
  • Visa Direct
  • Mastercard Send
  • Pay By Bank App

Access to:

  • Debt capital markets,
  • Liquidity solutions
  • Card acquiring and issuance
  • A dedicated insurance M&A practice
  • Escrow solutions

And more

All in one place, giving you the edge.

At Barclays, we’re devising new products tailored to you. Helping clients to evolve their digital capabilities and connecting you to possibility.

Speak to the Barclays Insurance team today.