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General and life insurers

The digital age is revolutionising how people behave, and it’s reshaping the insurance industry.

Customers no longer wait to be sold products, they’re empowered to seek out the best deal on their own terms. They want more clarity, more choices, and a seamless omni-channel experience, all on demand, right at their fingertips.

Insurance firms want more efficiency, cheaper costs and a better understanding of their customers. Traditional processes and legacy payment systems no longer meet these new expectations. Limited payment options slow payment claims and add friction to premium collection. Customers are frustrated and turning to online price comparisons for alternatives. As they seek a digital customer journey.

So, how can insurance companies make sure they’re competitive? Integrating new digital end-to-end experiences can pave the way for new and loyal customers, optimising legacy systems can enable straight-through processing. Connecting with APIs through Open Banking can place your services in the palms of fresh audiences.

Mobile payments, virtual cards and cheque imaging, make premium collections seamless and claims payments faster and cheaper, whilst providing you with a digital overview of customers’ activity.

Customer demand is changing, and with it comes opportunity.

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