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FX payments and managing invisible FX

As a business, with customers and suppliers all over the world, and a global supply chain, your treasury needs are complex.

Requiring you to make and receive payments in a number of currencies and resulting in the need for automated cross-currency payments and receipts, and seamless reconciliation.

For instance, you might want to pay a supplier from your Sterling account in Turkish Lira. Or you may wish to receive Australian dollars from a customer in Australia, paid into your Sterling account in London.

At Barclays we understand that transparency of foreign exchange rates is important to you.

When you make or receive cross-currency payments we price your FX transactions from our live mid-rate and then apply the agreed margin to arrive at the final conversion rate.

We can automate cross-currency transactions for you. Our online banking channel Barclays.Net is easy to use – you can make individual transactions or you can bulk upload cross-currency payment files with the added benefit of booking a rate in the payment flow.

You could also send the instructions to us via our host-to-host channel “File Gateway” or via SWIFT.

For the majority of currencies, we offer the Book Rate functionality through Barclays.Net so that you can be assured of the FX rates you receive from us.

You simply need to enter the details of the payment that you wish to make to the beneficiary and select Book Rate.

Bespoke reports and export transactional data can be delivered in a variety of formats, automatically and at a time scheduled by you.

And you can make cross-currency payments in over 100 currencies.

Barclays FX payments solution offers:


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