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This is John and this is his nice new shiny office.

It wasn't always like this though.

A few months ago things seemed a little, well, bleaker.

So John requests a loan and here's me raising the necessary paperwork.

Printing it off, packing it and sending it on its way.

Meanwhile, John has no van, no business.

All he can do is wait.


Now he has to check it, sign it, date it (over here) and post it back to us.

Yes, more waiting.

Until the day it lands back on my desk.

Let's face it, this process needs to be a lot more... digital

We started with Collateral Portal, then Draft now we're moving up the gears with DocuSign.

Now everything stays online.

I upload the documents to a secure platform and send the link.

The customer can sign wherever they are on any device, making the process simpler.

Customers get their money quicker and their lives back on track and I can go home on time for a change.

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