Derek the Legend - Invoice fraud

Video transcript

Derek the Legend - Invoice fraud

Commentator 1: You can see Derek’s training regime is paying off, can’t you Vicky? He’s played a great defence so far, even better than Colin in accounts.

Commentator 2: John, I couldn’t agree more. You’d have to say…Oh my days! He’s already making a break for it!

Commentator 1: You’re right! We’re only in the 2nd minute. He’s going for it. Can he get there…AND HE SCORES! WHAT A BEAUTY!

Commentator 2: HE’S DONE IT! I think that’s worth a replay! So, this is the moment he receives the email. It’s an invoice from a supplier, but they’re requesting a change to their bank account details. Here we go, watch his eyes. Derek’s taking a closer look.

Commentator 1: He’s doing it. He’s picking up the phone. He’s calling the supplier using the number he’s got on file. He’s verifying the change in account details…THERE IT IS VICKY! That’s the moment! He’s foiled the invoice fraud!

Commentator 2: Well, that was pure gold. Nicely done, Derek.

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