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Charities 2019 outlook

2018 was an interesting year for the charity sector. Firstly, if we look at public attitudes and trust, it’s simply not good enough to be a charity doing good.

You have to really think about the impact that the charity’s making people want to understand how their donations are being used so that relationship and that communication with donors, and engaging new donors, is now more important than ever.



2019 will bring a lot of big issues for the charity sector in a rapidly changing world. Be that sustainability, investing in technology, collaboration, funding, these are all factors that are going to impact on a charity’s purpose and mission.

But the other area is around tapping into new demographics, and what I mean by that is the millennials, for example. They really connect with a strong social purpose but they like to give via online or through contactless donations, so I think charities really need to adopt that within their fundraising strategy.

One other area of focus that we’ve seen in 2018, and this will continue into 2019 and beyond, is around governance and safeguarding.

What does good governance look like? 

What does best practice look like?

How do you tackle safeguarding issues?

These are all questions that the sector are grappling with, and when you combine that with transparency and accountability, these all contribute to enhancing the reputation of the sector.

But with challenge comes opportunity and for charities to succeed they really need to strike a balance between their purpose and mission and how they can adopt a business minded approach.



The fast pace of technology can be an intimidating prospect for the charity sector. But it’s also a great opportunity to innovate quickly and efficiently.

So, charities can really think about how technology can help them to address some of the key societal challenges that they are trying to tackle and therefore creating greater scale in reach.


Looking forward

For 2019, charities really need to be nimble, they need to be lean, they need to innovate, they need to be creative, and they need to be well run, and that should come right from the trustee level, right down to front line staff and volunteers.

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