Cash Management 2019 outlook

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Cash Management 2019 outlook

In 2018 Brexit continued to create political uncertainty across the sphere, we saw continued regulatory environment change as results to PSD2, the open banking regulation, and in particularly wire transfer regulations in 2018.

We saw one base rate rise for UK Sterling this year, by 25 basis points, we saw multiple US Dollar Fed rises throughout the year, and a particularly benign Euro interest rate environment.

In 2018 we launched our Green Deposits product, we also saw the launch of our Cash Management, Trade and FX Direct propositions for our mid corporate segments, enabling our corporate clients to benefit from the propositions that Barclays can provide.


In 2019 we’ll continue to see particular uncertainty as it relates to Brexit. Our role is to help our corporate clients through those particularly challenging times. Secondly, our corporate clients’ needs continue to evolve, therefore it’s our role to make sure that our propositions enable our clients to deliver on their own business needs. And finally, we’ll continue to see a particularly uncertain interest rate environment across the three major currencies; Sterling, US dollar and Euro.


In 2019 we’ll continue to see the evolution of the payments architecture. Firstly it’ll allow clients through Swift GPI to track and trace their payments around the world. We’ll see the launch of virtual IBANs and virtual in-house banking, which will enable the evolution of corporate treasury centres. However, the most important point is enabling our corporate treasurers to maintain control, flexibility, maximise cashflow, and utilise data in order to aid them on that journey.

We’ll continue to see the development of iPortal, enabling our corporate clients to view all of their solutions through Barclays in one unique place. The final point will be enabling control and certainty and maximising cashflow.

Looking forward

Looking forwards we’re here to help our clients maximise their liquidity and payments positions, so feel free to reach out to your Cash Management specialist.

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