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Simplify your cash management.

Welcome to Barclays Multi Account Platform – BMAP for short. BMAP saves you significant time and hassle by streamlining the management of your cash.It gives you a single point of access for controlling pooled funds through multiple virtual accounts. Efficient and easy to use, BMAP cuts the time you spend on costly, labour-intensive processes.

Without having to contact us, you can quickly open, manage and close any number of virtual accounts. And you can get through admin a lot faster with BMAP’s powerful, automated reconciliation capabilities for matching payments and identifying exceptions.

Making payments directly from your virtual accounts is swift and highly secure with digital signatures.
You can save even more time with payment templates, and it’s easy to manage your regular scheduled payments. Accessed via your internet browser, BMAP integrates with your in-house treasury or fund management systems. You’ll also get automatic upgrades and new features as soon as they’re released.

And if you have any queries, there’s support available to you.

Save valuable time by simplifying your cash management with BMAP. Simply contact your relationship team today.

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