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Bloom and Wild

Aron Gelbard, Co-Founder & CEO, Bloom & Wild:

It should be a real joy to send and receive flowers. We send flowers a few times a year at really emotionally important times. It should be a fabulous experience.

When we started, it was just me and my co-founder, Ben. And we used to rent space by the hour in the New Convent Garden Flower Market to test out flower arrangements and things like that.

We are now a team of about fifty people and we have moved offices four times over that period. So, I guess, you need to move regularly when you are growing quickly.


Adam Crickmar, Relationship Director, Barclays:

So, I met Aron and the Bloom & Wild team about a year ago. And what impressed me most about him was how he treats his customers and how he delivers his product.



I feel like wherever I go in the tech and start up community I bump into Barclays. They are always sponsoring the right events.



We see e-commerce as the future of the sector whether you are a mature business or an entrepreneurial start up. So, by having a critical mass in that sector we can really focus in on what these entrepreneurs need.



And they’ve really been able to understand what it is like to be a company that’s growing at our sort of pace, at our sort of funding.



We are involved with Bloom & Wild’s International Growth Strategy. They’ve done well at growing the UK market and will continue to do so. But they’ve also launched in France and Germany.

So this involved me sitting down with their finance team to talk about their plans so that we’re not reactive, we’re proactive towards growth. This means we can look to the future and bring in some technology where needed and help support that growth so that we can prosper together.

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