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BARX Corporate

BARX Corporate is an internet based Foreign Exchange and Money Market deposits dealing platform, accessible globally, available to Barclays clients.

BARX Corporate provides a secure, reliable, and efficient service for the display of real-time executable rates, with click and deal functionality…plus access to up-to-date market information, economic and financial research.

The platform offers industry-strength security with the option to provide different levels of access to individual users and trading limits.

BARX Corporate offers secure, online dealing and real-time FX trading in 60 currencies, with dedicated global support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. The platform allows users to Deal FX spot, fixed and option dated forward contracts, FX orders and Call orders, FX swaps and multiple FX deals.

BARX Corporate offers simple execution of FX transactions which can either be settled over your Barclays accounts or can be used to secure the rate prior to making an international payment.

An option dated forward provides the flexibility for settlement between two selected dates.

The FX orders functionality allows you to instruct us to monitor a specific Spot level and either notify you by text or email; or transact on your behalf.

The Blotter provides you with the details of all your outstanding deals and automatically updates every time you place a new deal or an existing deal matures.

The Ticker, Rate Calculator and Chart tools provide you with real time, live streaming rates information.

Through BARX Corporate you also have instant access to the global treasury markets and the flexibility to place fixed term single and multiple Money Market deposits over variable terms for a wide range of currencies. You can also benefit from the auto rollover facility.

If you would like to know more, please contact your Barclays Relationship team, or call us on 0800 015 4242*.

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