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Barclays Sign What You See (SWYS) PIN pad reader

Our new PIN pad reader has arrived.

And it’s got even stronger safety features.

So what’s new?

It provides an extra layer of verification, to help protect your business.

You can connect by USB or Secure Bluetooth Smart Technology, which lets you move around, without any wires.

There’s even more if you use iPortal or Barclays.Net.

That’s because the device displays details of your transaction, which you can check against the details on your computer screen.

This process has been designed to combat the latest fraud threats.

We call it ‘sign what you see’.

Here’s how it works.

Log in and select 'Sign' on your computer. Then enter your PIN on the reader, and press 'OK'.

The device will display what you’re doing.

The last six digits of the Signing Reference ID, the timestamp and date.

Simply check the details match your screen for added security.

Then press ‘OK’ to authorise.

If there are any problems just press ‘C’ to cancel.

Then give us a call to let us know.

It’s that simple.

All that’s left for you to do is relax.

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