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Asset Based Lending - UK & Ireland

Paul Woodward, Head of UK and Ireland Large Corporate Asset Based Lending:

My name is Paul Woodward and I am proud to be Head of our UK and Ireland Large Corporate Asset Based Lending team. An increasing number of companies are using existing assets to their advantage to maximize cash flow. Whether it's to enhance working capital or support more strategic objectives, the benefits gained from releasing the value of assets can change the profile of the business.

Every day, the Asset Based Lending team strives to make a difference with all who we come into contact with, helping businesses achieve their ambitions in the right way. Last year we announced a number of partnerships around the country such as the Barclays Midlands Growth Fund and closer to home for myself, the partnership with the Northern Powerhouse. Behind all these partnerships is a real commitment to work with experts in every field to create opportunities for businesses but also to help young people build the skills the UK needs to retain its economic and competitive advantage.

As a bank with British roots stretching back over three centuries, I am proud that we remain wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting the UK economy and our communities here. We will continue to share with you through our Barclays stories, an insight into the positive impact our Asset Based Lending team’s activity has had across every region of the UK. For more information on how Asset Based Lending can help your business, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Regional Business Development Managers who will be happy to help you.

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