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Asset Based Lending - South East

Andrew Dillon, Large Corporate ABL Regional Director for the South East:

Barclays South East region has a population of over 9 million people as the annual economic output second only to the Central London area thus making immense contributions to the UK economy. Within this, the South East region has considerable levels of export standing at £11.3 billion annually as of Q2 2017.

Asset Based Lending provides solutions to a great many of these areas as business funding needs. ABL facilities incorporate both receivables finance and funding against both assets such as stock, planning and machinery, receivables and commercial real estate. While ABL will primarily comprise of confidential invoice discounting, they additionally include inventory, secured revolving facilities and secure term or cash flow loans. From re-financing mergers and acquisitions or MBL's and MBI's, to tooling up seasonal peaks, more UK organisations are turning to Asset Based Lending to quickly respond to casual challenges as well as new business opportunities.

Unlike traditional bank lending products, ABL focus on the current status of the asset and cash generation as opposed to more traditional leveraged tests. As a result, the progress is getting increased advocacy across the banking and wider professional communities. ABL is available for businesses in the UK and Ireland from Barclays where we are committed to delivering to the client the right solutions at the right time in the right way.

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