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Asset Based Lending - North West

Neil Dobson, Business Development Director for the Corporate ABL team in the North West region:

Outside of London, the North West is the most populous region and has a thriving economy, which is the second largest in the UK covering all major business sectors and many of these sectors notably manufacturing, transport and logistics, recruitment and wholesale are central to the Barclays ABL focus.

We have unrivalled expertise in supporting business across these sectors with ABL being an ideal funding solution to maximize liquidity especially for growing businesses. Firstly, an Asset Based Lending facility flexes in line with the business so it is increasingly used by companies entering a period of sales growth, where there may be a disconnect between historic earnings and future growth.

ABL also works well for businesses with distinct seasonality for example, a build-up of inventory ahead of a busy seasonal peak. Finally, an ABL is structured and collateralized, hence it is a good use of capital for any bank in turn ABL providers can consider higher hold levels than traditional leveraged deals although club or syndicated deals may also be appropriate for big-ticket transactions. At Barclays we are committed to delivering for our clients the right solution at the right time and in the right way.

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