Barclaycard Payments

Since 1966, Barclaycard has been developing solutions to help businesses accept and make payments in a constantly changing environment.

With the increasing trend for eCommerce, rapidly changing customer demands and ever evolving regulations, choosing the right payments partner has never been so important.

At Barclaycard Payments, we recognise these challenges and help businesses develop end-to-end payment solutions that meet their objectives. Whether we’re creating efficiency through a streamlined supplier payments process, improving security through eCommerce solutions or simply creating a better digital payments experience for your customers – we always start by understanding your needs.

Working in partnership with you, we’ll assess your business challenges and develop a solution that’s tailored to your specific requirements. As your business evolves, we’ll continue to provide you with insights that’ll help you keep pace with your customers’ demands, and maintain an advantage over your competition.

We support the needs of our customers by providing:

  • A data-led approach to defining the right payment solutions
  • Tailored recommendations that evolve as their business changes
  • Partnerships that add value and create simplicity in a complex environment

What can Barclaycard Payments do for you?

  • Increase efficiency of supplier payments through online access and automation
  • Improve your working capital position to help grow your business
  • Provide convenience for business travellers and for ad hoc supplier payments
  • Streamline Management Information reporting, reconciliation and other reporting tasks, offering greater control and visibility of spend and helping with forecasting and the negotiation of supplier discounts
  • Secure your payments through a range of controls and protection features.

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