Trade Collections

Barclays’ extensive experience in international trade enables you to enter new trading partnerships and markets with confidence. Our comprehensive trade collections service offers added security whenever you import or export across world markets.

Reassurance when you trade

  • Our Trade Collections service offers you a straightforward, globally recognised method of settling payments for your imports and exports
  • Using banks as intermediaries, it’s a simple and safe way to receive or make payments – with the added convenience of Barclays’ tracing payment and acceptance
  • Trade collections solutions from Barclays provides reassurance when dealing with new trading partners – and can enhance your credit profile with both buyers and suppliers.

What can trade collections do for you?

  • Gives you more secure payment for your exports – and provides more certainty over the delivery of imports
  • Enables you to predict cashflow more accurately
  • Can be used to negotiate improved credit terms with your buyer or supplier
  • Subject to International Chamber of Commerce rules, providing you with the reassurance of a worldwide standard wherever you trade.
  • Export collection provides you with more secure payment when you export goods.

    How it works

    • When you ship goods, you send documentation, such as invoice and transport documents etc to Barclays
    • We forward the documents to the buyer's bank
    • The buyer only gets access to the documents after making payment or accepting to pay on a certain date
    • We monitor the collection instructions and remind the buyer if payment is delayed.

    By using export collection, you get more reassurance of payment and can use the banking system to maintain control over your goods.
    Please note, there is no recourse to the banks in the event of non-payment so the credit profile of your buyer still needs to be carefully assessed.

  • Import collection is safer than paying for goods in advance since you make a payment only when you receive evidence of the shipment – protecting your business against non-delivery of goods.

    By using trusted banks as intermediaries, import collection can enable you to negotiate more favourable payment terms with your suppliers.

    How it works

    • When you order goods, the supplier delivers the goods and then sends the relevant documents to its bank
    • The supplier’s bank then forwards the documents to Barclays and we inform you on their arrival
    • As the buyer you will receive documents to take receipt of the goods when you have made payment.


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