Working Capital

Having sufficient funds to meet short and long-term obligations is critical for any business. Barclays can help you assess seasonal and cyclical fluctuations in your cashflow and create solutions to keep your working capital finance on course.

How can working capital financing support your business?

  • Working capital solutions allow you to plan ahead, supporting both your day-to-day business obligations and strategic growth objectives
  • Invoice discounting and supplier finance can release cash tied up in your sales ledger – often at more competitive cost than short-term financing
  • Overdraft facilities can reduce the impact of cashflow fluctuations created by everyday expenses or unexpected financial demands
  • Convenient, simple-to-operate funding can be tailored around your business – and in multiple currencies
  • Solutions can be confidential and funding quickly made available once agreed.

Find out about the key working capital solutions


Asset Finance - Funding Business Critical Assets


Confidential Invoice Discounting

Why Barclays working capital solutions?

  • Full range of working capital solutions available including overdrafts, invoice discounting and supplier finance
  • Dedicated experts can work with you to assess changing financing requirements throughout your trading cycle
  • Sector expert provide strong understanding of the specific cashflow demands of your industry.

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