Supplier Finance

Buyers and suppliers can enhance their trading relationship and improve cashflow with tailored supplier finance solutions from Barclays – enabling accelerated invoice payment at more competitive cost than other financing solutions.

Solutions to your objectives
  • Enables small and medium-sized companies to manage their cashflow more efficiently by using the Barclays platform as a mechanism for payment between buyers and suppliers
  • Can be more competitively priced than other financing arrangements
  • A dedicated team of professionals starts with a thorough understanding of your objectives and trade cycle
  • Available to qualifying corporate clients in the UK and Ireland.

Paying Suppliers on Time Can Really Pay Off

Visit Barclays in order to understand how paying suppliers on time can really pay off.


Taking supply chain finance to the next level

Covid-19 is increasing focus on supply chain visibility and the need for more sustainable buyer-supplier relationships. We explore what is possible.

How can supplier finance support your business?
  • By uploading approved invoices to the Barclays platform, suppliers have the option to request early payment (subject to a discount on funds)
  • Can help suppliers improve cashflow without increasing debt – and enhance cashflow visibility
  • At the same time, enables buyers to mitigate the impact of term extension on their suppliers – and reduces their suppliers’ financial risk
  • Can enable buyers enhance their relationship with suppliers, take costs out of the supply chain and demonstrate corporate social responsibility.

Benefiting both parties in a commercial transaction



Mitigates the impact of term extension on their suppliers

Provides the option to accelerate the collection of their trade receivable

Reduces their suppliers’ financial risk

Improves cash flow without increasing debt

Enhances their relationships with suppliers

Enhances cash flow visibility

Takes costs out of supply chain

Pays to their existing collection bank account

Demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility

Applies costs only when an early payment request is made on the trade receivable

How supplier finance works

Barclays Supplier Finance offers a seamless 7-step payment process:

Supplier finance flow chart
  1. Invoices are submitted to the buyer by the supplier
    2. After invoices are approved by the buyer, this data is uploaded to the Barclays platform
    3. The supplier is able to view approved invoices, confirmed payment amounts and payment due dates by logging onto the Barclays platform
    4. The supplier has the option to submit an early payment request to Barclays via the platform
    5. If the supplier requests early payment and Barclays accepts this request, Barclays then pays discounted funds based on the receivable
    6. On the payment due date, the buyer’s bank account is debited for the full invoice value
    7. If the supplier have not requested an early payment, Barclays facilitates transfer of the full invoice amount to the supplier on the payment due date.