Supplier Finance

Supplier Finance is a working capital solution provided to larger businesses who want to support their suppliers with convenient and cost effective receivables-based funding. Barclays partners with Prime Revenue, a leading fin-tech company to provide this solution via an online platform. Barclays can also participate in established supplier finance programmes with other financial institutions.

Benefits of Supplier Finance

Our clients implement Supplier Finance for a number of reasons, key among them are:

  1. Supporting their working capital objectives
  2. Ensuring a financially stable supply chain

Our clients increasingly see Supplier Finance solutions as tangible financial support for their supply chain, which allows them to develop stronger relationships with their suppliers.

Supplier finance offers benefits to all parties:



Mitigates the impact of term extension on suppliers

Ensures a financially stable supply chain

Enhances relationships with suppliers

Demonstrates Corporate Social Responsibility

Provides the option to accelerate payments from their buyers

Improves cash flow and cash conversion cycle

Enhances cash flow visibility and cash forecasting

How do we implement Supplier Finance with you?

In order to deliver a successful solution, Barclays works in partnership with our chosen fin-tech partner, Prime Revenue. We will work together with you to understand your working capital objectives, your requirements, KPIs and targets in order to deliver a successful Supplier Finance solution.

This will ensure the programme and structure is aligned with your objectives, reflects your values and meets your desired outcome.

Client testimonials: Co-op

Delivering value through a successful partnership programme with Co-op

A partnership programme that exceeded client expectations.  We extended the scope, increased funding and delivered more value to key stakeholders

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