Wholesale Stock Finance

By partnering with Barclays, large vehicle dealerships and manufacturers can fund their complete inventory.
Using flexible revolving credit facilities, balances can be constantly updated against stock movements, delivering financing certainty across your whole UK network.

Solutions for your business
  • Specialist revolving credit facilities for large vehicle dealerships and manufacturers
  • Provides funds up to an agreed limit for an agreed term to finance each vehicle in your inventory
  • Can integrate with your dealership or manufacturer inventory management system to finance a whole network of locations and vehicles
  • Available in sterling for UK-based locations.

UK Logistics Confidence index

Barclays and Moore Stephens in conjunction with specialist sector research agency Analytiqa, have undertaken the latest in our series of surveys to assess.

How can wholesale stock finance support your business?
  • Provides convenient access to a credit line throughout your operating cycle – including automated drawings to meet your daily inventory financing needs
  • Offers the reassurance of certainty of funding up to an agreed limit for the agreed term
  • Automatically updates your balance daily in line with your recorded vehicle stock movements, providing additional insight into your inventory management performance
  • Flexible funding plans can match your stock holding requirements.
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