From supporting your working capital needs to funding your plans for growth, Financing from Barclays provides the breadth of solutions and specialist support to enable you to focus on driving your business forward.

Solutions to your objectives
  • We can work alongside you to support you in achieving your business ambitions and long-term success
  • We will stay up to date with your changing priorities, challenges, opportunities and needs, and can meet a wide variety of funding requirements
  • We can provide finance to help you improve cashflow, refinance existing debt, buy assets, fund acquisitions and buyouts and meet a range of other business needs.

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Asset Finance - Funding Business Critical Assets

What can financing do for you?
  • For any business, financing has a vital role in both meeting everyday expenses and enabling domestic or international growth
  • We look to provide your business with financing solutions tailored by our specialists to your specific requirements – and built on deep understanding of your business and your goals
  • Access to financing is a pillar of Barclays Shared Growth Ambition. Our aim is to make decisions and do business that allows our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve to access a prosperous future.1

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Corporate Banking Solutions

Drawing on Barclays’ global expertise, our corporate banking solutions can help your business to transact and trade easily, manage risks and finance your plans for growth.

Client Experience

Client Stories

See how Barclays is helping corporate clients across all sectors realise their ambition and further their potential.

Client Story


Barclays is helping PureGym’s growth by spending time with the team to understand the ambitions of the company.