Virtual Account Management

Managing multiple individual bank accounts – for your business or your customers – becomes simple with Barclays virtual account management. Delivering a complete view of cash across your organisation, you can optimise liquidity and enjoy exceptional control.

Solutions to your objectives
  • Enables you to manage multiple individual bank accounts on behalf of your business and/or your clients
  • Highly valuable if you need to open a large volume of accounts
  • Allows you to rationalise the number of bank accounts you hold and open or close your own virtual accounts when you need to
  • Gives you the flexibility to control the amount of interest you pay your clients.

The Reality of Virtual Accounts

Read more about how virtual accounts are helping businesses hold client monies and manage multiple accounts.

How can virtual account management support your business?

Provides a single view of your whole organisation’s cash balances across multiple currencies and accounts.

Greater cash balance oversight means you can make the best use of your available liquidity, based on actual and expected payments and receipts.

Delivers improved control – including dual factor authentication using digital signatures integrated with a flexible approval workflow; segregation of duties; plus comprehensive access controls and full audit reporting.

Scales with your business – enabling you to manage large numbers of virtual accounts on a full-service cash management platform without requiring more people to operate it.

Reduces internal administration whilst providing compliance with regulatory and client requirements – and creates transparency across your entire cash lifecycle.