How we keep your banking secure

As digital transformation is opening up growth opportunities for companies across the globe, it is also presenting new ways for criminals to commit fraud. As technology evolves cybercriminals are employing varied and ever-more sophisticated methods to carry out their attacks which increasingly focus on corporate targets.

Helping to keep you safe online

Online security is also ever-evolving in order to counteract online fraud and theft, and it is essential that banks invest at their end to give clients peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding their finances. With our Barclays security technology, you can achieve greater control and comfort around your financial safety. Our cutting edge digital security tools can help you mitigate risk and keep you safe when banking online with us.

Barclays Biometric Reader


Introducing the latest version of the Barclays Biometric Reader.

Innovative finger-vein reading technology uses infra-red light to securely identify you by the unique pattern of veins in your finger. Not only does this replace the need to remember pins or passwords, it means that nobody else can pretend to be you, which reduces the risk of fraud.

Setting up your device is easy and once your finger is enrolled, your vein pattern is saved on a Smart SIM which stays with you.

Barclays will never hold your vein pattern and there is no public record of it.

So what’s new? You can connect this new device by USB or secure Bluetooth smart technology.

There’s even more because the device displays details of your transaction, which you can check against the details on your computer screen. 

This process has been designed to combat the latest fraud events. We call it ‘Sign What You See’. 

We have invested in this compact, wireless and more secure Biometric reader to make banking easier and to help protect you from fraud.

To find out more please speak to your relationship manager.

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How can Barclays security support your business?

  • Continuous education on risks of cyber-security and how best to protect yourself, including our quarterly fraud webinar
  • Different security options for login and authentication, including desktop and mobile security solutions to fit your needs
  • Layered security model to make it extremely difficult for criminals to penetrate our defences
  • Strong focus on detection as well as prevention
  • Industry leading digital security innovation, including the Barclays Biometric Reader
  • Keeping the balance between secure solutions whilst improving usability.

Find out more about Barclays Biometric Reader PDF† (352KB)

Find out more about Barclays ‘Sign What You See’ (SWYS) PIN pad reader PDF† (212KB)

The Barclays ‘Sign What You See’ (SWYS) PIN pad reader

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