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Open Banking is transforming how consumers and businesses can share their financial data securely and, in turn, enabling development of innovative financial services and products. Barclays is at the forefront of supporting this industry initiative.

Solutions to your objectives

  • Open Banking is an industry-wide initiativethat aims to make it easier for consumers and businesses to track their finances, compare and switch products and access new financial services providers
  • It does this by allowing customers to share their financial data from multiple banks and other providers with any regulated third-party provider (TPPs) of their choice in a secure and standardised way
  • Barclays fully supports Open Banking – both to allow clients to aggregate and view their own information and allow businesses to act as TPPs to innovate financial services solutions and products.


After months of preparation across the continent, the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) has come into effect.

How can Open Banking at Barclays support your business?

If you are a regulated Third Party Provider (TPP) offering Account Information Service Provider (AISP) or Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) functionality, you can extend your offering to Barclays corporate clients by connecting to our open banking service.

Or if you are a Barclays client and have identified the services of a TPP that you would like to use, you can apply to have your Barclays balance and transaction information supplied to them and for Barclays to accept payment instructions initiated by your users through your TPP.

You can then:

  • Access Barclays accounts and aggregate accounts across multiple banks directly through your chosen TPP’s application/solution.
  • Stay within your TPP’s application/system to access bank balance and transaction information or initiate a payment instead of having to log into their bank’s application/portal.
  • Create and approve any payment instructions via the TPP’s application/service using SWIFT 3SKey Security Tokens.
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