Contingency Payments

We ensure you can still instruct urgent or high-value payments – even if you can’t access your primary digital banking service. Initiate payments from both Barclays and non-Barclays accounts, using advanced SWIFT technology to assure complete security.

Solutions to your objectives
  • Web-based stand-alone payments channel, hosted independently of other primary banking channels
  • Offers an alternative method to instruct urgent or high-value payments if you are unable to access your primary electronic banking application for any reason
  • You can register both Barclays and non-Barclays accounts to give you multi-bank contingency
  • Advanced security provided by SWIFT 3SKey personal digital identity tokens in combination with one-time passcodes sent via SMS text.

Swift GPI for Cross-border Payments

Barclays speaks to Ryan McAuliffe from SWIFT about how SWIFT global payment innovation (gpi) is transforming the cross-border payments industry.

How contingency payments can support your business?

Allows you to initiate urgent payments from both Barclays and non-Barclays accounts, provided a bi-lateral agreement is held with the non-Barclays Bank

  • Dual authorisation is available for both payments and administration to ensure a safe and secure contingency payment option
  • Uses SWIFT 3SKey – a digital identity security solution that helps mitigate the risk of fraud by preventing unauthorised access and payment authorisation
  • Enables you to control user access using role entitlements and payment limits
  • Simple and easy-to-use service with ongoing support.
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