Barx Netfx

Handling high levels of multi-currency activity is transformed with BARX NetFX. Locking in FX rates at spreads agreed with you, its automated risk management can deliver greater cashflow control, operational efficiency and lower costs.

What is BARX NetFX?

  • BARX NetFX is an automated FX risk management solution for organisations with large volumes of multi-currency transactions
  • It enables your business to manage its FX risk with Barclays, through a direct link into our risk management servers.
Client Story


With ambitions to allow clients globally to transact in their preferred currency, the global online marketplace looked to Barclays’ BARX NetFX platform to manage its FX risks.

How can BARX NetFX support your business?
  • Locked-in FX rates protect against transactional FX risk and enable easier management of cashflows – allowing you to provide a better service to your own clients
  • The FX spreads we apply are agreed with you and reported on each transaction so the cost is transparent throughout
  • This also means your business can generate a new incremental revenue stream by adding your own FX spread to the rate set
  • Management of FX risk at a transactional level removes the complexities associated with aggregation and subsequent reconciliations within your business
  • Automated risk management through a direct and simple interface can reduce operational costs and risk, improve efficiency and simplify your treasury management processes.

Challenging times in FX markets

In an article written for the IACT, Bryan Conway, Head of FX Sales for Barclays Ireland, shares his thoughts.

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