SEPA Payments

The Barclays range of SEPA payment and direct debit services enable you to take advantage of the Single Euro Payments Area – allowing you to streamline, centralise and simplify your European cross-border payments and collections.

Solutions for your business
  • Exchange Euro payments and collections between any accounts in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) as easily as between domestic accounts
  • Benefit from improved efficiency and competition in the payments market
  • Help to centralise your accounts and payment flows using standardised rather than country by country formats.

What can SEPA payments do for you?

Barclays SEPA Direct

An end-to-end managed online system to optimise the collection of pan-European and in-country Euro Direct Debits and SEPA payments.

SEPA Direct Debits

A pan-European Euro Direct Debit service enabling collections from, and payments by, SEPA Direct Debit to any country in SEPA.

SEPA Credit Transfers

Provides the ability to send non-urgent Euro payments to any country within SEPA.

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