Payment solutions - Financial institutions and FinTechs

Combining leading technology with deep experience serving the needs of financial institutions, we provide the scale and flexibility to make managing payments simpler, faster and more transparent for you and your customers.

Flexible, innovative payments solutions

Barclays is the trusted payments partner of Banks, Broker Dealers and Fintechs across the world.

We provide direct and indirect access to all UK payment schemes. With flexible tariff schemes and leading-edge technology, we can help you execute, track and report on all your clearing and payments activity in the way that best suits your business – today and in the future.

As a direct participant of payment forums and industry groups, we take a leading role in industry discussions. This allows us to help shape regulatory or technological change – and swiftly implement such changes into our own solutions.

Clearing solutions

Focusing on the specific needs of financial institutions and Fintechs, we provide straight-through processing for 99% of payments. Our highly automated, yet flexible payment architecture can also support complex payment scenarios.

Why choose Barclays

  • Access to direct connectivity to all payment schemes in the UK and our global RMA network
  • Advanced routing capabilities to select the most efficient and cost-effective route
  • Transparent, flexible and customisable tariff structure built to meet your business needs
  • Intelligent auto-repair solution supported by robotics technology that improves our straight-through processing rate and reduces payment friction throughout the payment chain
  • Online access to all information on your payments through Barclays iPortal, including SWIFT gpi track & trace and final confirmation of payment
  • Implementation, servicing and product specialists dedicated to financial institutions and Fintechs that speak your language.

What we offer:

Indirect access solutions

Indirect access enables financial institutions and Fintechs to use UK payment and clearing schemes at lower cost and with fewer operational needs than direct access.

Our indirect and agency payment solutions allow you to give your customers access to all major payment schemes as a seamless, fully integrated part of your business.

What we offer

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Industry expertise


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