Liquidity Management

Manage liquidity across your whole business easily and efficiently. We provide a range of solutions to help optimise returns on your cash deposits – and to automate transactions and reduce the time you spend on administration.

Solutions for your business
  • Access attractive returns via our interest-bearing accounts
  • Efficiently manage all your surplus funds – domestically and cross-border
  • Mitigate exchange rate risk through our currency deposit products
  • Reduce administration and manage client funds effectively through our Client Monies Management products.
  • Consolidate cash positions and optimise your liquidity wherever you bank with our Cash Concentration tool, featuring automated cash sweeping.

    Is it right for you?

    • You have a centralised treasury function
    • You want to automate the movement of surplus overseas balances to your treasury centre
    • You want to be able to concentrate cash domestically or globally, including through third-party banks.1

    How it supports your business

    • Allows you to manage your liquidity more efficiently, giving you greater funding and investment capability and flexibility
    • Lets you set up automated cash sweeping between accounts held with Barclays or other banks1, both domestically and cross border
    • Allows you to sweep funds automatically  to a centrally managed account, based on your specified balance or frequency
    • Enables you to standardise, streamline and centralise your treasury management – and reduce administrative time and costs by automating the sweeping process.

    1 We can offer cash concentration globally between Barclays offices and/or third-party banks. This is subject to bilateral agreements between banks, and  requires third-party banks to have the requisite SWIFT capability.

  • Make your working capital work harder with our cash pooling solutions:

    • Aggregate multiple account balances to minimise the interest you pay – or maximise the interest you earn
    • Work with our Cash Management specialists to tailor our services and accounts to your business’s exact needs.

    How it supports your business:

    • Enables you to improve liquidity by offsetting debit positions against credit positions, and by centralising your treasury function
    • Increases your funding and investment capability
    • Allows your business  to optimise its interest position
    • Offers the choice of physical or notional cash pooling – including automatic sweeping using our Cash Concentration tool.
  • Efficiently manage client funds while benefitting from reduced administration and the ability to automate transactions.

    Simplify the administration of your clients’ funds and potentially reduce administration with our range of client monies products – from general-use client accounts to services that directly link bank and in-house systems – helping to optimise the client funds management process.

    Is it right for you?

    • You can hold funds on behalf of clients while earning competitive tiered rates of interest
    • You can choose the product that best meets your organisation’s needs or obligations – from a convenient cheque account to virtual designated sub-accounts
    • You can manage your own office accounts alongside clients’ accounts.

    How it supports your business

    • Allows you to choose whether to segregate clients’ funds into designated real or virtual accounts
    • Streamlines the process of managing multiple clients’ accounts, with the choice of paper or online access to funds
    • Greater control: our virtual accounts let you open and close accounts without contacting us
    • Includes detailed reporting to support your organisation’s legal and audit requirements
    • Services can integrated with your in-house systems to provide automated money management
    • Virtual accounts include rules-based transaction functionality, enabling payments to be made automatically to client accounts, so you only need to manage anomalies.
  • Notional pooling allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your working capital. You can offset debit and credit balances without physically moving or co-mingling of funds. Multi-level pooling structures plus single-entity and group solutions are all available.

    How it supports your business:

    • Enables you to offset debit positions against credit positions, which reduce interest paid or increase interest earned
    • Avoids the need to physically move funds – saving on administrative time and costs
    • Cash management specialists can help tailor solutions to your company’s structural needs and accounting policies
    • Multi-layered pooling structures  and a wide range of interest apportionment services are available
    • Ensures you retain full flexibility over the use of your available funds
    • Detailed reporting available to support your reconciliation activities.

    Important information

    This product is subject to separate terms and conditions. It is not available to customers classed as Micro-enterprises (MEs) under the Payment Services Regulations (PSRs).

  • Manage your working capital and surplus fund strategy efficiently with our expert support and wide range of deposits.

    Earn a competitive rate of interest with our range of sterling and currency deposits. Our strong credit ratings1  underline our financial stability and strength in an ever-changing business world.

    Are they right for you?

    • Invest surplus sterling and currency funds in a range of deposits with a choice of terms
    • Choose from accounts in a wide range of currencies to help reduce exchange rate risk
    • Access a range of services  to support your treasury policy and counterparty risk management.

    How they support your business

    • Include products offering unlimited transfers plus no-notice access to funds
    • Can be used to manage surplus funds or currency transactions from international payments
    • Offer tiered rates of interest on certain accounts, paying higher rates for higher balances
    • Accounts can be managed via branches, phone or internet banking
    • Include support and local market knowledge from our liquidity management specialists.

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What can liquidity management do for you? 

Client monies management

Efficiently manage client funds while benefitting from reduced administration and the ability to automate transactions.

Green deposits

Earmark cash balances against green assets held on Barclays’ balance sheet – available to larger clients.

Sterling and currency deposits

Manage your working capital and surplus fund strategy efficiently with our expert support and wide range of deposits.

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Source: https://www.home.barclays/barclays-investor-relations/credit-ratings.html