Liquidity Management

Manage liquidity across your whole business easily and efficiently. We provide a range of solutions to help optimise returns on your cash deposits – and to automate transactions and reduce the time you spend on administration.

Solutions for your business

  • Access attractive returns via our interest-bearing accounts
  • Efficiently manage all your surplus funds – domestically and cross-border
  • Mitigate exchange rate risk through our currency deposit products
  • Reduce administration and manage client funds effectively through our Client Monies Management products.

What can liquidity management do for you?

Client monies management

Efficiently manage client funds while benefitting from reduced administration and the ability to automate transactions.

Green deposits

Earmark cash balances against green assets held on Barclays’ balance sheet – available to larger clients.

Sterling and currency deposits

Manage your working capital and surplus fund strategy efficiently with our expert support and wide range of deposits.

Important information

The products referred to in this webpage are subject to separate terms and conditions.
1 Source: https://www.home.barclays/barclays-investor-relations/credit-ratings.html

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