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Gain convenient access to flexible funding without being tied to drawdown or repayment dates with our Overdraft product.

Is it right for you?

  • Your working capital is supported, enabling you to cover short-term cashflow fluctuations caused by everyday expenses or unexpected demands
  • You can access funds up to the agreed limit at any time
  • Our Overdraft product is uncommitted and repayable on demand

How it supports your business

  • Offered as part of your business current account. Convenient and simple to administer and monitor through account statements
  • Minimises your finance costs because interest is only payable on what you borrow
  • Available in all currencies freely traded by Barclays in London, so can potentially reduce exchange rate risk by matching borrowing to anticipated receipts in a particular currency

If this product isn’t right for you, try the related products below.

Important Information

  • Interest rates are linked to the Barclays Base Rate or the relevant reference rate for currency overdrafts
  • Fees may apply if you don’t use the Overdraft. If these are to apply, they will be agreed with you when the facility is arranged
  • Your Overdraft limit will be agreed and confirmed in writing, together with interest and fee details, and any requirements such as security
  • The products referred to in this webpage are subject to separate terms and conditions
  • Any property used as security, which may include your home, may be repossessed if you are unable to fulfil the terms of a secured overdraft.

Talk to us

Find out more about our Overdraft product by talking to your Relationship Director.

New to Barclays? Our experienced UK-based team can listen to your business need, offer assistance on-the-spot or put you in touch with the right specialist at Barclays. Call us on:

0800 015 4242*

Alternatively we can call you back or you can email us with your query.

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How can we help?

If you are new to Corporate Banking at Barclays, call us on: 0800 015 4242*