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Send a payment

Everyone likes receiving money and changing the way you pay your customers and staff could make them like you more.

Is it right for you?

  • Did you know that Barclays is currently the only bank that allows corporates to send immediate electronic payments to customers, even if you don’t have their bank account details? 
  • We can do this in two ways – either on the basis of a Barclays debit card number or a customer’s mobile phone number – and, where possible, we’ll convert it to a sort code and account number. 
  • For mobile numbers, we do this by looking up the number in an industry-wide database (Paym^) with details of millions of customers who have linked their phone number to their bank account.
  • For Barclays debit card numbers, we do this by looking up the card number in Barclays own database.
  • Both the mobile and the debit card versions are available via the same API^ – so you only need to integrate once to access both payment proxies. The mobile version is also available via Barclays Corporate’s host-to-host solution.
  • Via the API you can embed Send a payment into your own website or processes, making the payout process a value add to your own proposition.

There are multiple uses of Send a payment such as:

Business needs Example of relevant sectors Description
Refunds / compensation

• Utility companies

• Mobile operators 

• Airlines (lost luggage, reimbursements) 

• Online retail / refund card collections 

• Healthcare (patient refunds, conference travel)

Paying out refunds or compensation often takes place at a very sensitive time in your customer relationships. You’d like it to go well and with minimum friction. Paying using mobile phone numbers as proxies require you to collect less information. Moreover, the recipient could receive an SMS confirmation as part of the service – turning a refund from a negative to a positive.
Payouts of winnings or benefits

• Education (e.g. hardship funds) 

• Retail Insurance 

• Gaming

When speed is at the essence you may want to use faster electronic payment systems (e.g. Faster Payments in the UK). However, this require you to collect account details – details your customers may not have to hand and you may not want to collect and store. When speed is of the essence – and you’d like a more modern solution to suit your audience (e.g. students) proxy payments would help.
Payout of earnings

“Gig” economy: 

• taxi drivers

• delivery companies

• “direct selling (e.g. door to door)”

• catering companies

• ad hoc payroll companies

Paying out earnings or commission could be challenging when your workforce or agents change quickly, and you may struggle to ensure you hold correct account details at any given time. Mobile phone numbers are easier to collect – and may be information you already hold. 

How it helps you

  • Send a payment can help reduce your use of cheques – which can be an expensive and time consuming payment method.
  • Speed of payout often significantly reduced compared to alternatives such as card, cheques or Bacs payments – recipient receives the payment in less than 2 hours.
  • By not having to collect account and sort codes you reduce the personal data you may have to hold for your customers and therefore the data protection requirements associated with this.
  • Send a payment helps you improve your own customers’ experience by making payments:
    • Quicker (faster payment vs. card/cheque straight into the customer’s account)
    • Safer (no sharing of card or account details)
    • Easier (straight into the customer’s account with no need to deposit a cheque, for example).

Peter Lambert at Camelot says: ‘We are passionate about player experience and Send a payment makes a winning moment even more magical by enabling payment of funds directly into the winner’s bank account, without the need for full bank details.’

Important information

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1Source: The Communications Market Report, Ofcom, August 2015 and The Future of M-commerce Report, Barclays, 2015.

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