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Indirect Access

We support payment service providers (PSPs) seeking to provide their own customers with services to transfer funds within the UK. We do so by providing PSPs with indirect access to the UK payment schemes. Barclays has subscribed to the voluntary Code of Conduct for Indirect Access Providers since 30 September 2015, including the current version which was published in March 2018.1

Indirect PSPs fall into two categories:

  • Agency Bank: these PSPs are provided with their own sort code and provide their customers with their own unique account number on that sort code
  • Non-Agency: these PSPs are provided an account in our books and typically identify their underlying beneficiary customer for payments by the reference in the payment instruction.

Agency Banks benefits:

  • Settlement Account with Barclays in the name of the institution
  • Provides access to the UK clearing systems, Faster Payments, Bacs, CHAPS, ICS (Image Clearing Service) and Cheque & Credit via a unique sort code in the name of the Agency Bank
  • Enables an organisation to project the image of being a UK clearing bank in its own right and if transferring to Barclays to continue to use their existing sort code(s) in most circumstances
  • Provides the advantages of access to the UK clearings without the higher costs and operational challenges of being a direct member.

Non-Agency benefits:

  • Make and receive a variety of payments from their Settlement Account with Barclays

Eligibility criteria

Detailed eligibility criteria are available on request from the contacts at the bottom of the page.

Agency Banks

The minimum criteria set by the schemes for indirect agency access are that the institution is a Payment Services Provider as laid down in the Payment Services Regulations 2017. Further eligibility criteria will depend upon the precise set of services required but will include assessments for AML risk, credit risk, procedural capability for scheme compliance and technical capability.


Eligibility criteria for Non-Agency will depend upon the precise services required but will include assessments for AML risk and credit risk.

The Payment Schemes for Indirect Access are shown in the table below

Agency Banks2
Deposit-taking institutions
Agency Banks2
Electronic money institutions
Agency Banks2 -  
Authorised payment institutions



Faster Payments Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corporate FPS Sponsorship Yes No No No
CHAPS Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bacs Yes Yes  Yes  Yes 
Corporate Bacs Sponsorship Yes  No  No  No 
UK Cheque & Credit Clearing (GBP)  Yes No  No  Yes 

Image Clearing System

Cheque clearing in the UK has undergone a major transformation as the industry switches from paper-based to image-based clearing using the Image Clearing System (ICS).

To find out how we can support agency banks on an indirect basis, please get in touch with your Relationship Director or use the details below to contact the Indirect Access team. For more on cheque imaging, visit the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company website^ (opens in a new window).

What we can offer

We tailor our services and pricing to your individual requirements. The types of service we offer are shown on the following PDF:

Find out more


With dedicated teams in 11 markets, our team can support your institution in achieving your international ambitions.


Our global team of Relationship Directors understands the challenges and opportunities of this growing sector.

Important information

The product referred to in this webpage is subject to separate terms and conditions.

Contact our Indirect Access team

Photograph of Martin Griffiths - Head of Team, FinTech & MSBs

Martin Griffiths
Head of Team, FinTech & MSBs

Martin Griffiths is an experienced banker with over 30 years of corporate banking service and is an industry specialist at Barclays leading a team of 6 knowledgeable and experienced Relationship Directors who cover Authorised Payment Institutions and Money Service Businesses (MSBs). The team has in-depth understanding of the unique challenges faced by the industry and works closely with our product and compliance teams to deliver relevant solutions for our clients that meet with our risk and commercial criteria. 

Martin will appoint one of his team to be your initial point of contact at Barclays and they will work with you to establish what products and services we are able to provide to meet your needs.

Photograph of Gary Lacey - Relationship Director, Global Financial Institutions

Gary Lacey
Relationship Director, Global Financial Institutions

Gary Lacey is an experienced Relationship Director with more than 36 years’ service at Barclays and is an industry specialist within the financial institutions sector. Gary has an in-depth understanding of the drivers and needs of banks and financial services providers, working with a portfolio of clients within the industry. 

Gary will be your initial point of contact at Barclays for any enquiries and will work with teams across the organisation to help you resolve them.

To find out what our Indirect Access proposition can do for your business, email Martin or Gary or call our dedicated team on 0800 015 4242*.

1The Voluntary Code of Conduct for Indirect Access Providers PDF† (335KB opens in a new window).^

2Access to payments via a sort code in the name of the Agency Bank

3Access to payments via a Barclays account


How can we help?

To discuss switching to Corporate Banking at Barclays, call us on: 0800 015 4242 *