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Titan Europe: Seamless switching

Switching was seamless

Titan Europe manufactures wheels and undercarriage systems and distributes tyres for off road vehicles as part of the global Titan group.

Having been with a US bank for several years, they wanted a financial partner to better understand their operations in the UK and to support them with the complexities of managing their finances across territories.

Titan chose Barclays after discussions with a number of banks. Nick Longley, Group Financial Controller at Titan, explained the decision: “Barclays made the effort to get to know Titan. They took a more granular approach and took the time to understand our business. It was important to us that our Relationship Director would be based a few miles away, not overseas.”

James Hodgson, Barclays Relationship Director, said “Learning about Titan’s business and using that to tailor our solutions has been a real pleasure. I look forward to strengthening our relationship even further.”

Titan already uses a range of Barclays solutions, including a working capital facility, day-to-day banking products and clearing in Sterling, Euro and US dollars. Nick is also discussing foreign exchange solutions with James, working through how our international capabilities could support Titan’s future growth plans both in the UK and overseas.

Nick Longley, Group Financial Controller, Titan


At Titan Europe, we manufacture wheels, tyres, and undercarriage systems, for off road vehicles,  servicing the agricultural, construction and mining industries. We operate out of sixteen territories across five continents.


Our previous bankers were an American bank through our parent company, Titan International.

Titan International were looking to de-risk their bank facilities, we quickly realised that we needed a banking partner here in the UK.


James Hodgson, Relationship Director, Barclays 


Titan Europe have been on the radar of Barclays for a number of years they’re a very long established high quality business in the West Midlands. Titan approached Barclays by virtue of an existing Barclaycard relationship.


Nick Longley


The Barclays relationship director spent a lot of time in one to one meetings with myself, sharing information and data, about the company, trying to understand what the company’s cash flow needs were, both now, and in the future.


James Hodgson


At Barclays we have industry specialisms, so I’m a Relationship Director that specialises in manufacturing, transport and logistics clients, and are based in the Midlands, which is a key manufacturing hub. Local knowledge and industry knowledge, really gives me an opportunity to get to know the client and understand the client quickly. 


I’m able to bring to bear the national and international capabilities that Barclays has.


Nick Longley


Switching to Barclays was relatively straight forward. Changing over nine bank accounts usually takes a lot of time, it worked well with Barclays, the portal was very user friendly. I’d recommend Barclays just because of the changeover process went so well.


James Hodgson


When a client’s looking to open accounts with Barclays, as well as myself, as Relationship Director and my Support Manager, we also introduce a single point of contact On-Boarding Manager, who’s able to manage the account opening process from start to finish for the client. On top of that we have an online portal which means that there’s a single place for the client to go to upload documents that we need and it really makes it as quick and easy as possible for the client.


In the case of Titan this meant that we were able to open the accounts and draw facilities very quickly.


We provide primary facilities to Titan, which include working capital facilities and some term debt. 


Nick Longley


We recently put in place a HMRC Bond guarantee, and we are now talking to Barclays around setting up foreign exchange transactions both in euros and dollars, giving us a great deal of flexibility with our funding for the foreseeable future.


What we’re looking for in our banking partner is the ability to grow with Titan.  We’re looking for future growth, both in our existing businesses, but then also through joint ventures, new acquisitions, and Barclays have already started talking to us about the future.


James Hodgson


The future for Titan and Barclays, I believe is really bright. They’ve got some very exciting growth aspirations and I’m expectant that those growth aspirations will be achieved.

Switching to Barclays was very straightforward. The online portal was so helpful to track progress and I regularly spoke to James too. It was handled really well.

Nick Longley

Group Financial Controller, Titan Europe

Hear from business leaders at the forefront of innovation

Can innovation power business growth?

Barclays has made this innovation possible. They will find solutions for us and be innovative in doing so, which gives us a great deal of confidence.

Julian Tighe

CEO, Asta

Asta: Innovative growth

Boosting innovation in the global insurance market

Asta creates and manages underwriting businesses, currently managing a number of Lloyd’s of London syndicates.

Innovation is vital if businesses are to survive and thrive – particularly in challenging times. As the lead third-party managing agent at Lloyd’s, Asta has been key to supporting the innovative ‘Future at Lloyd’s’ programme which aims to show the Lloyd’s market as a global leader in insurance innovation.

As part of this programme, the Syndicate-In-a-Box initiative is designed to more quickly introduce entrepreneurial entrants in order to evolve and grow the market. With Barclays’ help, Asta is perfectly positioned to help entrepreneurial and innovative underwriters access Lloyd’s in this way. And because entrepreneurial syndicates require funding support, we also provide a range of financing products for Asta’s clients that are vital to their launch.

Julian Tighe, CEO of Asta, commented, “Innovation is vital for us to stay relevant. It’s incredibly important for Asta and our clients to have an international banking partner that’s innovative and understands the industry.”

James Nicol, Barclays Corporate Banking Relationship Director, noted, “Close collaboration with our colleagues across the Corporate and Investment Bank allows Barclays to create solutions to support investment into the global insurance market. This is in addition to supporting the day-to-day needs of participating syndicates.”

We’re proud to support Asta as they continue to introduce new underwriting businesses into Lloyd’s.

Birchall Tea: Sustainable future

Combining commerciality with sustainability

A family-owned business with a history stretching back to 1872, Birchall Tea is firmly focused on creating a more sustainable future.

In 2017, the company had located the ideal site on which to build a new, greener factory in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Managing Director Daniel Graham emphasised, “It was vital we moved quickly or we could have lost the site and the opportunity.”

The company had banked with Barclays for 45 years, so approached us about helping to finance the build. Barclays responded with a loan in principle within 24 hours, allowing the opportunity to be realised.

As Karen Johnson, National Head of Retail & Wholesale at Barclays, noted, “Speed of execution was critical and we were delighted to deliver.” Barclays’ close understanding of the company supported this, Daniel commented, “It’s a relationship of individuals as well as businesses.”

Birchall Tea went on to build the UK’s first solar-powered tea factory, with over 460 solar panels and air source heat pumps supplying double the energy the factory uses.

They’ve since become the first tea company in the world to achieve the Carbon Neutral International Standard and to join the UN's Climate Neutral Now initiative. With a new objective to completely remove plastic from their tea bags by the end of 2020, Birchall Tea’s commitment to sustainability is as strong as ever.

Five ways to improve your business’ sustainability

Could switching banks enhance your corporate business?

What we’ve achieved wouldn’t have been possible without Barclays. They made the complex financing needed really simple

Daniel Graham

Managing Director, Birchall Tea

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