Interest rates

Currency Interest Rates

Current and Deposit accounts are available in all currencies freely traded by Barclays in London.

Call Deposit Account

The Currency Call Deposit Account is an unrestricted, easy access deposit account available in over 40 currencies which pays a flat rate of interest provided a minimum balance is held. Minimum balance varies by currency.

Currency Clients Premium and Clients Designated Account

Clients accounts for both general and designated use in a number of major non-sterling currencies. Interest is paid gross and cheque books are available.

Business Premium Account

The Business Premium Account is an interest bearing, easy access account available in Euros and US Dollars.

Client Account with Interest

An Interest-bearing client account for businesses or bodies who hold clients funds, available in a number of non-sterling currencies. 

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If you wish to open an account or for further information on our deposit products, including additional currencies not listed and all historic rates, please contact your usual Relationship Point if you are an existing customer.

If you are not currently a Barclays customer and wish to discuss your business needs with us, please contact us on 0800 015 4242.*