An offshore oil rig. Businesses can thrive in international trade with the right resources and information

Financing exports and optimising trade

28 June 2019

With the right advice, knowledge and funding solutions, your business can thrive in the global marketplace.

International trade provides excellent opportunities for business growth. Exporting enables companies of all size to broaden the market for their goods and services and to scale much more rapidly than if they relied on the UK market alone.

UK products and services are sought after in large and lucrative markets, such as China, India and the US. In fact, research by Barclays has found that international consumers are prepared to pay up to 22% more for British goods due to their perceived quality.

In our new article, we explore how you can successfully navigate today’s trading landscape to capitalise on the opportunities that exist. We also look at trade finance nad working capital solutions that can optimise your ability to trade internationally.

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