A container vessel navigating across a water body. British products have a global appeal.

Made in Britain

11 March 2021

Our latest research is an international review of the demand for goods that are ‘Made in Britain’ and a willingness for key markets to pay a premium.

The global appeal of British-made products

Exports will help drive UK economic recovery and growth – and British-made products offer UK businesses a price differential in new markets.

As the UK moves towards greater stability post Covid-19 and post-Brexit, increased globalisation, rising middle classes and rapidly growing emerging markets present incentives and opportunities for British firms to export. A willingness among consumers in key markets to pay a premium for British-made products, and growing overseas demand for ‘Made in Britain’ goods, further enhance the appeal for UK firms to export – and could have a positive impact on return on investment.

Trade agreements

Meanwhile, having left the EU, the UK Government is now able to negotiate, sign and ratify new trade agreements. By facilitating access to new markets, building relationships and strengthening ties not only with EU member states but also those further afield – including emerging markets and those in the Commonwealth – new opportunities are emerging for British firms to export.

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