Brand Britain

28 February 2018

Exports will drive UK economic and business growth and Brand Britain could offer a key value and price differential in new markets

Increasing globalisation, the march of the middle class, flattening distribution channels and a more outward vision present opportunities for British businesses to grow exports. Demand for goods that are ‘Made in Britain’ and a willingness for key markets to pay a premium for these goods should be factored into the return on investment equation undertaken by UK firms.

As Brexit talks move on and we edge closer to the start of trade negotiations with the EU, the UK Government has also signalled its desire to strengthen ties with countries outside the EU, such as China, the US, and several nations within the commonwealth, including India. Emphasising the advantages that UK businesses bring to the table, and the strengths of their goods and services is an area of increasing focus.

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Introduction to Trade and Working Capital

Exporting for many businesses is first and foremost a way of achieving growth. International trade also means diversifying a business’s customer base.