Barclays Trade and Working Capital Webinars

Our series of webinars delve into the intricacies of Trade and Working Capital, uncovering international opportunities, best practices and key insights.

Corporates wishing to receive information about forthcoming webinars can ask to be added to the distribution list by emailing tradeandworkingcapital@barclays.com, or speak to your Relationship Director.

Optimising Working Capital - Creating opportunities amidst uncertainty

May 2019

With an estimated €1.3 trillion in cash opportunity that could be released by addressing poor working capital management*, there is an ever growing need for businesses to optimise this foundational aspect of financial performance in order to ensure business continuity during these geo-political and economic uncertain times.

Working capital is often seen as the most effective and efficient source of cash, but a lot of questions are still raised on the premise on how to best release this resource from businesses and the best way in which to then manage and take advantage of the opportunity from doing so.

The Brexit Countdown - Navigating practical corporate solutions

March 2019

With the Brexit deadline fast approaching, the future for many treasurers remains an uncertain one. At Barclays, we want to ensure you are informed and prepared to safeguard your business in the final few weeks leading up to March 29.

We invite you to join us to hear from experts from Cash Management, FX, and Trade and Working Capital, hosted by Robin Terry, Vice-Chairman, Cash Management, Barclays. Our product specialists will unravel some of the key stepping stones to overcoming potential barriers and best practice in taking advantage of opportunities.

Looking beyond the horizon - A 2019 corporate outlook

January 2019

From macroeconomics, geo-politics to environmental technology and the technological environment, 2018 was been nothing short of complex – but with this year almost behind us, many treasurers are taking the time now to look towards the horizon onto what awaits them in the year ahead. 

Next generation treasurers, now more than ever, navigate multiple swim lanes in their businesses. Leading to scenarios where they need to consider creating efficiencies in their payments landscape, ensuring they minimise their FX exposures, in optimising their working capital to manage their debt effectively – all with the goal of maximising opportunities that present themselves.

Trade wars: Potential impacts and implications

Talk of trade wars has dominated global headlines as US President Donald Trump formally adopted tariffs on aluminium and steel. With reciprocal retaliations promised from the EU, China and Canada, the effects of further escalation are bound to be felt across the globe.

Russ Grazier (Barclays), Aziz Sunderji (Barclays US) and Katherine Morton (TXF) provide background and context on the subject of trade wars. They explored and provided commentary on the potential political and economic ramifications, in addition to analysing the possible impacts on corporate supply chains.

Expanding internationally: Uncovering opportunities and hidden risks

May 2018

International expansion provides businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to add new revenue streams and take advantage of opportunities in the global marketplace. Recent research has shown that two in five businesses in the UK are planning to export for the first time or enter a new market in six months’ time.

Expanding on this reality, experts from Crowe, the Department for International Trade (DIT) and Barclays, were brought together to share perspectives on some of the opportunities and hidden risks of expanding internationally. Throughout the webinar, our panel explained how these risks could be managed, with a view to helping UK exporters be better placed to capitalise on overseas business opportunities.