Trade and working capital webinars

Barclays Trade and Working Capital Webinars

Our series of webinars delve into the intricacies of Trade and Working Capital, uncovering international opportunities, best practices and key insights.

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Trade wars: Potential impacts and implications

Talk of trade wars has dominated global headlines as US President Donald Trump formally adopted tariffs on aluminium and steel. With reciprocal retaliations promised from the EU, China and Canada, the effects of further escalation are bound to be felt across the globe.

Russ Grazier (Barclays), Aziz Sunderji (Barclays US) and Katherine Morton (TXF) provide background and context on the subject of trade wars. They explored and provided commentary on the potential political and economic ramifications, in addition to analysing the possible impacts on corporate supply chains.

Expanding internationally: Uncovering opportunities and hidden risks

May 2018

International expansion provides businesses with an unprecedented opportunity to add new revenue streams and take advantage of opportunities in the global marketplace. Recent research has shown that two in five businesses in the UK are planning to export for the first time or enter a new market in six months’ time.

Expanding on this reality, experts from Crowe, the Department for International Trade (DIT) and Barclays, were brought together to share perspectives on some of the opportunities and hidden risks of expanding internationally. Throughout the webinar, our panel explained how these risks could be managed, with a view to helping UK exporters be better placed to capitalise on overseas business opportunities.

Funding your exports: Trade and working capital options

March 2018

Entering overseas markets can bring secure, long-term growth for many UK businesses. Indeed, the Department for International Trade’s research found that 85% of companies believe that exporting has led to a level of growth not otherwise possible. Why, then, isn’t every business in the UK exporting?

Our webinar brings together a group of trade finance experts from Barclays, UK Export Finance (UKEF) and Department for International Trade (DIT) to discuss three key types of export finance – export letters of credit, confidential invoice discounting, and trade loans, with a view to explaining how these solutions can be used to help exporters capitalise on overseas business opportunities.

Funding your export strategy - support available for UK businesses

November 2017

On 10 October 2017, Barclays signed a new Master Guarantee Agreement with UK Export Finance (UKEF). UKEF is the UK’s export credit agency (ECA), and sits within HM Government’s Department of International Trade (DIT). UKEF’s mission is to ensure that no viable UK export fails for lack of finance or insurance from the private sector, while operating at no net cost to the taxpayer, and the support provided by UKEF can be accessed through Barclays.

Our webinar brings together a group of experts from Barclays, UKEF and the DIT to provide a brief overview of some of the recent changes to UKEF’s support. Barclays is committed to supporting our clients’ exporting ambitions and we hope this session will provide some useful insight and points for consideration for those already active in exporting, those seeking to export in the future or those who supply into UK exporting businesses.

Piecing together the Brexit jigsaw considerations for UK businesses

September 2017

A recent survey by the Institute of Export* found that nearly 65% of businesses said that access to the EU Single Market was important for their business. The same survey asked which factors businesses had planned for in anticipation of the UK leaving the EU, with a range of answers given including tariffs and quotas, supply chain, staffing, export skills, FX fluctuations and IP. 

It is clear that UK businesses have a lot to think about in the continuing uncertainty that Brexit presents. Our webinar brings together a group of experts to provide an overview of some of the areas affected by Brexit including the prospects for the UK economy, the legal aspects to consider, and the impact on trade, to provide some points for consideration when planning for potential outcomes.

*'Brexit one year on’ June 2017

Funding export for growth

July 2017

Entering overseas markets can bring secure, long-term growth for businesses. However, starting to sell overseas or expanding your existing export business can put a strain on your resources and cashflow. Our webinar brings together advisors from the Department for International and Trade and UK Export Finance with Barclays Trade & Working Capital specialists to discuss:

  • Researching and financing exports and the Government support available
  • The commercial terms and types of payments that are available and what’s useful in a range of scenarios
  • How efficient working capital solutions can safeguard payments and deliveries
  • How Trade and Sales Finance solutions can be combined to optimise funding and mitigate risk.