Joe Castignetti

Industry expert

Since 1984, straight from A Levels – coming up to 35 years in July. My parents both emigrated from Italy in the 1960s and as such and being the eldest of 3 brothers, it was important to get a job rather than go on to University.

Strangest place for a client meeting?

In a Domino’s Pizza kitchen, whilst the outlet was open and the owner was helping to prepare the pizzas.

Tell us about a time you’ve helped your client with something beyond banking? 

An ex customer and I were both football coaches at the same time looking after youth teams. He was a mentor for me and often helped out with my group and I would go to his sessions to learn.

One Sunday he called me and asked if I could take his group of players for their usual session as he wasn’t feeling well and had to go home. I had about 10 minutes to get ready, work out a session and get to the location. It later turned out that he went to the hospital where they diagnosed a minor heart attack and that if I hadn’t said yes to his request, he would have continued so as to not let the boys down.

Industry expertise

Retail and Wholesale

Industry specialists provide solutions to meet the challenges of a competitive and fast-moving sector.

What is the most exciting thing happening in your clients’ industry? 

I really believe we are at a pivotal point in retailing where we are seeing a seismic shift from bricks and mortar to online, and where AI will form an integral part of our shopping experience. The emphasis has shifted from what the retailer believes the right product, to putting the consumer at the forefront of any decision thereby giving us more choice, better convenience and hopefully a more fulfilling experience.

If you didn't work for Barclays, what would you be doing?

It would have been either as a chef (my dad worked long hours in the kitchen in central London Italian restaurants) or doing something manual such as plumber, electrician etc. I always admire that trade albeit I’m sure they would swap with me during some of their difficult jobs