Andrew Davies

Relationship Director

Industry expert

I have worked at Barclays since I left school after completing my “A” levels so that is now 38 years. At that time, it was perceived that joining a bank would be a job for life and so it has proved. I have been a Relationship Director for the last 12 years, focused on the Healthcare & Technology sector, so being located in Oxford, which has the world’s best university, and a fantastic ecosystem to help these companies grow has been ideal.

Strangest place for a client meeting?

A lot of my meetings take place in laboratories and offices, so it is probably the UK’s National Synchrotron at Harwell, which is nicknamed “the doughnut” which cost £400M to build. Some tremendous science is being unearthed there.

Tell us about a time you've helped your client with something beyond banking?

Churchill famously said that he only had blood, sweat and tears to offer. I can claim this as well as on several times a year I have offered my blood, and those of my colleagues, to one of my clients to help in their research in testing for TB.

What's the most exciting thing happening in your client's industry?

The healthcare and technology sectors are both rapidly changing. For me the development of immunology, which is discovering new ways to treat cancer and other diseases, is particularly exciting.

For instance, I have one client which now manufactures a new drug which takes a patient’s white blood cells and reengineers them so they can recognise and attack cancer cells. This is currently achieving 50% complete remission in young children/adults who have leukaemia, and have exhausted all other treatments and would only have months’ left to live.

The clients I deal are fascinating and are really making a positive impact for mankind. 

If you didn't work for Barclays, what would you be doing?

It would be something that I have an interest in, so either a travel correspondent, food/wine critic or an antiques/art dealer.

Industry expertise


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