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For the third year running, Barclays has partnered with Money20/20 to produce an in-depth report on the future of FinTech. This mini-series will focus on particular trends identified within our second report ‘Alive to Opportunity’, with the panel discussing what is possible now and in the future for you, your business and the FinTech sector as a whole.

Jenni Himberg-Wild, Head of UK FinTech and PSPs at Barclays Corporate Banking, reviews key sector trends with her colleagues David Shinkins, Global Head of Cash Management Sales at Barclays and Steve Lappin, Managing Director, Barclaycard Business.

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Collaboration powering growth

The expert panel explain why key players are focused on growth and how symbiotic partnerships between banks and FinTech will help drive it.
(Recorded December 2020).

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Disruption driving payments

Jenni, David and Steve discuss innovation that’s made payment systems an essential feature of customers’ experiences rather than just utilities.
(Recorded December 2020)

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The cybersecurity contradiction

We’re spending more time and money online, yet cybersecurity’s importance is still being underestimated. Our experts discuss the potential implications. 
(Recorded January 2021)

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