The Europe edit: listen to our latest podcasts

The Europe edit: listen to our latest podcasts

Daniela Eder, Head of Payments and Cash Management for Barclays Europe, and her expert guests discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead for corporate treasuries.

In this series, we discuss the latest developments and innovations to help treasurers answer the question ‘what is possible?’. Each episode is accompanied by an in-depth article, packed with useful information and guidance.

Denis Merendet, our Head of Europe Cash Management Product, and Daniela discuss the adoption rate of Real Time Payments (RTPs) in Europe – and when treasurers should be considering this.
(Recorded September 2021)

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Daniela is in conversation with Gibran Maqsood, our Director of Transactional FX Sales, Europe, and Loic Merlot, our Head of Cash Management for France, Belgium and the Netherlands, about achieving FX transparency and efficiencies.
(Recorded September 2021)

Hear Daniela talk to Helen Kelly, Head of Europe, Barclays Corporate Banking, about the importance of setting KPIs and what role the treasury team has to play in ESG and D&I matters.
(Recorded September 2021)

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