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Through our Treasurers’ Forum webinar series, we explore the challenges and opportunities facing corporates globally in 2021, as well as industry trends and the latest insights into economic and geopolitical developments.

Embedding ESG: role of the treasurer

Rapidly evolving consumer and investor expectations are driving organisations to be more proactive than ever about embracing environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives and integrating them into their day-to-day operations. We look at some of the ways that treasurers can help achieve an organisation’s ESG goals.

Resetting the rules in global trade

Despite the significant disruption caused by Covid-19 around the world, global supply chains have generally proved their resilience to ensure the continued flow of goods and products over the course of the pandemic. That said, the past year has also been a wake-up call for many businesses and their treasury teams by exposing their reliance on key suppliers and countries, as well as highlighting supply chain risks.

In the first Treasurer’s Forum of 2021, we discussed some of the key themes and trends emerging from the past year, and the ways in which global trade finance is expected to be ‘reset’ during 2021.


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