How to make supply chains more resilient in a post-pandemic world

Covid-19 has posed significant challenges for global supply chains, some of which have been stretched to their limits. As companies around the world rebuild their supply chains beyond the pandemic, we consider what is possible – with greater consideration being given to key factors such as visibility, sustainability, collaboration, and data and technology.

GTR and Barclays gathered industry experts for a virtual roundtable discussion to address what is needed to boost supply chain resilience and protect against future disruptions.

Roundtable participants:

  • James Binns, Global Head of Trade and Working Capital, Barclays
  • Alexander Malaket, President, Opus Advisory Services International
  • Patrick McAvoy, Managing Director, Corporate Banking and Trade Finance, UK, Accenture
  • Shannon Manders, Editorial Director, GTR (moderator)

GTR: What are the key supply chain challenges and risks that companies – specifically large buyers – have been dealing with over the past 18 months, since the start of the pandemic?

GTR: What sort of measures have companies implemented to overcome some of the challenges and risks they’ve faced, and boost their supply chain resilience? We hear a lot of talk about shifts in supply chains, but is this actually happening?

GTR: What are the main trends you’ve seen emerging in terms of the ways that buyers have been seeking to ensure the financial health of their suppliers?

GTR: What is the role that data and technology play in creating more resilient supply chains?

GTR: How can we apply all of this – the understanding of the risks, the data, the technology – to benefit the long tail of the supply chain, and start to close some of the existing financing gaps?

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