Demystifying Automation Technologies

31 March 2018

New technologies such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence offer potentially huge benefits to forward-looking business services companies.

Demystifying automation technology

The changes that RPA and AI have brought so far are just the tip of the iceberg and society will have to adapt as the pace of change increases. Whilst these will have far reaching implications for businesses and for society as a whole, for the time being, the opportunities outweigh the risks.

There is an obvious impact on employment with a software robot costing about a third of a traditional offshore business process outsourcing person however human interaction will continue to be needed for the more complex issues.

Before rushing to introduce this new technology it’s important for businesses to understand how it can help them as it may not be right for all tasks and can present a risk, particularly in heavily regulated industries but one thing is certain; the key to getting the greatest benefit from these technologies is to match them to the customer’s needs and solve their problems.

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