The Future of Giving

30 April 2018

Almost three quarters of British charities say that street donations are in decline. But what can organisations do about it? Our latest research uncovers the key trends of the UK’s charity sector and how technology could be the game changer in an increasingly cashless society. 

This new charity report gathers insight from more than 2,000 Brits and 300 of the country’s biggest charities. And, with 73% of charities reporting a decline in street donations, organisations are exploring new and creative ways of connecting with donors.

Investments in upgraded websites and partnerships with third party platforms such as JustGiving have been popular for streamlining donation processes. They’re also proving to be a prudent strategy – of the charities that have invested, almost 90% have reported payback for their efforts.

While contactless technology is set to play a big part in the future of fundraising, most charities believe there will always be a place for traditional, offline methods such as street collections for tapping into spontaneous donations.

But what are the most important lessons for today’s charities, and how can organisations use these and other insights to adapt to a world of changing donor behaviour?

Read The Future of Giving report (PDF 8.47MB)

Have you asked these questions in order to make your charity more vibrant and sustainable?

Read the Charities in a Dynamic World report (PDF 4.8MB)

Does your charity have risk management system in place to avoid financial crime?

Read the article on Avoiding Financial Crime (PDF 2.24MB)

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