Technology shaping healthcare

27 November 2019

Technology presents a huge opportunity for the UK’s healthcare sector to improve both its business efficiency and the quality of its care. The impact on the sector to date has been fairly mixed.

Disparities in the uptake and usage of technology

At the social care end of the spectrum, technology uptake and usage has been minimal, whereas at the acute end, and certainly in terms of the private hospital sector, it has been significant.

Private healthcare providers lead the way with technology

The potential to shift the UK healthcare model from a reactive to a more proactive, diagnostical focus enabled by technology is within reach. Already we’re seeing private healthcare providers leading the way in personal, pre-emptive health checks and the increasing accessibility of portable monitoring devices is a step change.

Technology providing reassurance to patients and their families

At its best, this technology can reduce the burden of monitoring chronic conditions, identify changes in behaviour, provide essential back up for in-home care and give reassurance to patients and their families.

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