Scale Disruption and Brexit

01 September 2018

A new dawn for the UK food supply chains?

The UK grocery sector is undergoing a period of unprecedented structural change. The growth and adoption of technology, evolving behavioural trends, fiercer competitor dynamics and momentous industry consolidation has caused a fundamental shift in the power differential between wholesalers, retailers and consumers. Despite the uncertainty of the coming years and Brexit looming on the horizon, one thing is for certain – a new paradigm for the grocery sector is dawning.

Our new report examines how the fast-paced evolution of consumer preferences has left retailers struggling to adapt business models to meet customers’ heightened expectations. Successful strategies and the ability to capitalise on new trading opportunities as they arise will be key to maximising the potential opportunities. The race is on to pivot business models fast enough to be fit-for-purpose in today’s digitally-driven age.

This piece was published in 2018 – some dates associated with Brexit have since changed – you can read the latest in our dedicated Brexit hub.


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