Is sustainability the new loyalty in retail and wholesale?

25 September 2019

The UK's retailers are poised to make unprecedented investment in more sustainable deliveries, our research reveals.

An average of 11.4% of their revenue will be devoted to this over the next five years, with the reduction in packaging being the biggest focus for 48% of businesses.

Customers are generally enthusiastic about these initiatives, though their willingness to help fund them does not match retailers' expectations.

Initiatives to make deliveries greener are among the top tools businesses are using to improve their sustainability, alongside encouraging their staff and consumers to recycle.

In our report, we look at the efforts and innovations businesses across the retail and wholesale sector are putting into fulfilling their deliveries and ask consumers what leads their purchasing decision when it comes to converting that basket into a sale.

Do consumers expect to pay more for being green or do they think businesses should absorb the cost? Our research reveals customers are willing to pay on average 1.8% more for greener deliveries.

How much does packaging volume and materials sway a customer's buying decision and can they be influenced by recycling schemes to secure their loyalty?

We delve into sustainable delivery methods and how considered they are in a business’s investment plans, and whether these align to customer's timely delivery expectations.

Co-operative Group's CEO Steve Murrells shares their distinctive delivery methods and how they are tackling climate change with a series of firsts across their food stores.

Fyffes answer the question of how fruit can be delivered more sustainably whilst maintaining product quality.

And we hear from Boohoo’s Director of Sustainability and Responsible Business about how they are taking a customer-centric approach.

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